Are you thinking of starting a business? For most enterprises across the world, business phone systems are a vital tool. They act as a communication hub for most firms, allowing them to engage with team members and their clients by text, phone, or video.

With so many options on the market, each with its own set of useful features and tools, determining your firm’s best fit isn’t easy.

Whether you telecommute regularly or run your own business, a professional phone system is an essential aspect of your workplace setup.

Developing a Web presence with email and VoIP technology has made it easier for small businesses

to function on a minimal budget.

Here are some important features to note when planning for the future.

1. Cloud-Based Phone Systems

With cloud-based software becoming more popular, you’ll need to invest in a good cloud hosting service. Cloud-based services are an increasingly attractive option for data security and backup solutions. You can also read more about how to choose business phone systems

Furthermore, storing and accessing all of your computer data in the cloud means your business is no longer bound by the physical limitations inherently found in local data storage. Your workforce will be able to function more efficiently in the cloud, lowering your operational costs.

2. Phone Numbers From Other Countries (From anywhere in the world)

A virtual number allows you to make calls from a specific phone number, regardless of where you are located.

You can use a virtual number to have your pick of local, toll-free, or vanity numbers, and you can even use virtual international phone numbers.

When your business expands outside national borders, the money spent on an international phone number allows you to be much more accessible.

Many salespeople want their numbers to appear local. With virtual numbers, it gives your employees the ability to have their phone lines appear on caller ID as coming from a chosen area.

3. Automated Attendants

An auto-attendant provides various benefits to small company mobile systems, including professional greetings, call routing to mobile phones (or a paired desk phone), and voicemail to email, to mention a few.

With companies that do business by directly connecting with consumers, an auto-attendant can manage your system, directing calls where they need to go without a live operator or receptionist necessary.

Additionally, if your team is too busy to return calls during off-hours, an auto-attendant ensures that someone is there to answer all inbound calls.

A company that doesn’t require an autonomous phone system may be deemed “small-time” or unprofessional in today’s world.

Auto-attendants act as stand-in assistants equipped with a variety of customization features and have the capacity to provide callers with dialing options that direct them to specific extensions. Auto-attendants allow customers to leave voice messages and even broadcast important information like business hours and guidelines.

4. Voicemail to Text or Email

Having your voicemail delivered to a personal email address can help you operate more efficiently. Consider a few of the advantages of having your emails delivered directly to your phone.

Is there anyone who enjoys receiving voicemail? Waiting to see if you’ll be able to call them back, accidentally deleting important messages, and dealing with hardware problems are regular occurrences with voicemails. Sometimes it can all feel like a complete waste of time.

By allowing your staff to use VoIP Small business phone systems, you can increase your customer service efficacy, help eliminate mistakes, and improve reaction time with consumers.

It’s easy to overlook crucial facts when listening to voicemail messages, and it’s just as easy to lose track of phone numbers, names, and addresses.

As a result, picking the best course of action becomes a lot easier.

5. Bridges for Conferences and Conferencing

Many extensions can join a single conversation using phone conferencing services. The amount of lines available to join a single line generally depends on the service provider’s capabilities and your package options.

Many phone systems allow for two simultaneous callers. Note on sound quality: You should test the microphone’s sound quality to ensure that your conference calls are audible to you and your participants, as well as the device’s speaker.

Some companies use conference telephone “channels” with additional speakers and microphones for calls with larger groups. Others prefer to use remote catering options, many of which are both accessible and affordable.

Phone systems such as the Polycom 500 and the 600 series support video conferencing via external connectivity with an HD camcorder and a large touchscreen to meet the needs of team leaders and business owners.

Sound and video conferencing are becoming a regular facet of dependable VoIP infrastructure. High-fidelity wide-band VoIP conference phones enable multiple people to participate in a VoIP conversation from different locations, allowing your business to operate no matter where you or your team are located.

Conference Bridge – This feature allows you to add more than three persons to a call. Conference bridge enhances cooperation, encourages teamwork, and enables multi-party interactions, among other things. It can also be used to host virtual meetings.


Business phone services possess numerous features that promote accessibility, efficiency and stability in the workplace. The phone systems have an incredibly long lifespan and make a sound investment, even if your company is planning to migrate to the cloud in the near future.

Many companies provide communication services for your business needs. Microsoft’s own Workplace Communication Server 2007 (OCS) provides SIP-based calling, existence VoIP call monitoring, text messaging, and audio, video, and Web-based conferencing.

You can shift your workforce anywhere as long as you have access to your cloud!

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