Here’s an interesting fact, 55% of page views only get a few seconds of attention. Now, what does this mean? You should get your reader’s attention as quickly as possible, and you must be good at it. Otherwise, your blog posts or any other content won’t even register on people’s radar. In copywriting, if you start with tasteless and unengaging content, you won’t be able to see that traffic coming. And this isn’t good for you.

Visitors who read more of your post are likely to return. Readers who stay for as long as 3 minutes were twice likely to return according to studies. This is compared to those who have read it only for a minute. People love to skim things. They don’t read as much as they are used to. It all makes sense when you think about what you’re up against. There’s a lot of content out there to get through everything. It just takes too long a time to digest everything.

However, if you want your readers to convert, you must make them stay. You must keep them interested. Their attention should be glued to what you are writing. This is where long-form contents come in. It’s an effective one because it converts. But you just can’t throw in a bunch of words in there and expect to see engagements and increased traffic. You need to make sure that your writing is excellent. Not just mediocre, it should be over and above the line excellent.

If you don’t know it by now, it’s essential to get your readers to continue reading your post down to the bottom of the page and come back for more. With this, you need to improve your copywriting skills. To help you with that, here are a few copywriting tips that would keep your readers glued to your content.


Why is it commonly used? That’s because most of the time, it is true. For example, the phrase, “there’s no need to reinvent the wheel”. This is the same with copywriting. Things that have been working years ago might still work these days – that is if you do it right. It’s not true that there are people born with copywriting genes. The truth is that if copywriting doesn’t come out naturally, there are a few techniques that you can use to make your content a lot better.

Copywriting formulas

One great tool would be the use of copywriting formulas. You can use these to get rid of all the guesswork when you are writing good content. These formulas should be your starting point every time you are working on one. For example, use the PAPA formula. It stands for

P – Problem
A – Advantage of solving the problem
P – Proof that you can solve the problem and
A – Action

What you do is first present the problem. There is a certain need that your clients are facing. Then you write on the advantages of solving that need or reasons why a certain person must fix that problem. What you can write then is to give proof that this problem can be solved. After that, you can end with a call to action like signing up a form, using a lead magnet, or even letting them watch videos.

Another copywriting formula would be using the 4 P’s. It’s almost the same with the PAPA but with a few tweaks.

P- Problem
P- Promise
P- Proof
P- Proposal

Put in a person’s problem, explain what it is, its disadvantages, etc. Then you put in a promise that this concern can be solved. As the readers continue to read, of course, they will encounter proof that this problem was solved like positive business feedback or reviews. The more reviews you have, the better. This means that your brand is worth the trust, and you can perform through with effective methods or services. This builds trust and the more you give proof, this trust becomes solid as well.

Now, if the audience is hooked, that’s the time you make the proposal. These are simple formulas and can be effective. You don’t need to have magic pens or genetically enhanced skills. You don’t even have to spend countless hours figuring out how to write better. All you must do is stick to the basics and use methods that have proven to be effective. Instead of starting from nothing, start with a copywriting formula and start building from there.

Choice of words

Apart from using these formulas, the language or the word of choice that you use will have a huge impact on making readers glued to your content. Words can change a person’s perception, their line of thinking, and even their beliefs. Surely you have been through reading blogs that at first didn’t give much but as you read, it gets deeper and deeper until such time you realize you’re already hooked on it.

The secret here is the use of words. Pick the ones that really drive emotions. Use inspiring words, those that provoke excitement and lead to action. Don’t use everyday run-on-the-mill words. They are considered power words because they make a person feel something. You don’t have to write to gather your countrymen. You can use these words to your advantage – like promoting your products or services.

The good thing about this is that these words not only have the power of persuasion or inspiration, but they can drive conversions as well. And this is something that you want at the end of the day. Start practicing the use of power words and place them strategically in your content. Surely, your readers will spend a long time on your site, and they might just come back for more.

Bottom Line

Copywriting, when done the right way will be a powerful tool in closing deals. It doesn’t matter if you write a 3, 000-word article – people will get hooked if you put in great topics and compelling words. If they feel that they need it, they will read and read more.

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