Creating marketing materials for self-employment is not unlike the self-promotion conducted by any other business-minded individual. Take advantage of tools for the work-at-home professional, because self-marketing is essential.

Creating Marketing Materials

Even those who don’t belong to a company or answer to a certain boss can create professional marketing materials to promote themselves. In fact, they should. Work at home is competitive, and self-employment rife with would-be professionals trying to get in. Self-promotion is necessary when it comes to self-employment.

Creating marketing materials can be costly, but these tools can also be extremely beneficial in promoting the profession. Through self-marketing, professionals can create business contacts and potentially find new work and opportunities.

Tools for the Work-at-Home Professional

Some marketing materials can be created and used at absolutely no cost. However, if the budget allows, spending a little money on marketing materials can help work-at-home professionals reap rewards.

Business Cards

This ubiquitous marking tool has been popular since the 15th century (when they were known as calling cards), and there’s no reason work-at-home professionals shouldn’t make use of them. Professional printing companies often offer business cards as a matter of course. The business card should contain the name and contact information of the professional, as well as a job title. This could be anything like “self employed professional,” “work at home professional,” “freelance writer,” etc.


Anyone can obtain a free Web site through Web hosting, though it can be very inexpensive to purchase a domain which allows companies and individuals to create a site that’s not affiliated with a hosting service. The Web site should be highly professional, highlighting working (not personal) achievements.

Online Ads

Online advertising is getting more affordable all the time, making this a viable route even for individuals. Through programs like pay-per-click, entrepreneurs can drive more traffic to their sites and achieve great link placement on popular search engines. Online banner ads provide yet another option for spreading the word through the Internet.

Print Ads

Don’t underestimate the continuing value of print media – or at least, printed marketing materials. Professional printers can also help individuals create eye-catching postcards, flyers, bookmarks and many other mail-friendly promotional devices that help spread the word.


Email is a popular marketing device used by companies and corporations every single day – so why can’t the single work at home professional get in on the action? There’s no reason not to take advantage of email marketing even in self employment. Mail out cover and query letters to request more information or very simply get the word out. Those who offer a service shouldn’t be afraid to mail potential clients with rate information and perhaps special coupons or promotional deals to create excitement.


According to Biteable, 64% of marketer see video marketing as an extremely important of their marketing campaign. Nowadays, consumers often go to YouTube to find the answers to their questions. So if you having a hard time to promote your product or service on print or in writing, invest in video marketing and you’ll definitely have a share of audience that you are expecting.

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