Day traders will either succeed or failure depending on how fast they are getting their accurate information. The point is that without the fastest possible access to streaming data you will be left in the cold as every other Joe sweeps in and takes your precious opportunity. There are certain aspects that are important for any day trader when deciding on his or her computer set up.


When the public thinks of day traders they think of fabulously wealthy individuals with no boss, and the ability to take time off of work whenever they please. However what they don’t understand is the insane amount of monitor time the average day trader has to put up with. Most day traders will find themselves spending upwards of ten to fourteen hours a day staring at their changing light box. That’s why monitors are one of the most important investments a day trader can buy. They need to be crystal clear with plenty of space to them. You need to have multiple monitors as well. Start with a two monitor set up and get more if need be. Some day traders will have up to ten monitors spread out over three computers. Remember that you will probably be looking at these monitors more than you look at your family so it is important not to skimp out when dealing with monitors for day trading.

Internet Connection

Looking at the aspect of day trading one thing is characteristic and that is speed. Speed to be able to react to new opportunities and to get information quickly to take those actions. This is why having a fast and stable internet connection is so crucial. Look into cable, ADSL2+, or even T1 if it is in your area. Paying a bit more for internet connection is worth it when it comes time to make serious trading decisions.

Processing Power

To put it bluntly day traders require enough processing power to render the big bang. Intel has good chips and their core 2 Duo is some of the best on the market right now. Quad core processors are becoming more and more popular but are not necessarily an improvement for a day trader’s computer setup. Quad core processors are the best suited for high intensity programs like Photoshop or video editing. You don’t need to go overboard here if you can not afford it.


Ram is a key component for a day trader’s computer set up. You will need to keep on top of what the perfect time to purchase is. You want to put some forethought into your motherboard as well, because you need to be able to upgrade in the future. RAM lets your computer process multiple processes at once and because of this it is vital for day trader’s computer software.

Final Words

So if you are into day trading, hopefully by now you have an idea on how to set up your computer and what are the things needed to help you tackle those data to achieve a high success rate.

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