Now that you have started your own business and set it on the path to success, you will want to know how to make a business card so that it will help you get more clients. Business cards are also a statement of your professionalism and should have all the relevant details neatly written on it. You can get it done through a professional or do it yourself using the computer to help you. Microsoft Word is just the right software to help you do the job.

Why Business Card is Important?

  • Provides more credibility to your business or services
  • Give out a first impression of your product or business
  • They establish connection you to your potential customers
  • It highlights your company

What should be included in your business card?

  • Your Name / Company
  • Address of your company
  • Contact info such as: email, fax, phone and mobile number
  • Online links such as Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, website address…

Make your business card simple, concise and accurate as possible.

8 Steps to create business card using Microsoft Word

1. The things you will need before making the business cards are Microsoft Word, access to the Internet to get the template, the particular paper on which you will print the cards, and lastly see if the toner of your printer will last till the final card is done.

2. Open your particular Internet browser like Internet Explorer on your computer. Go to

3. See the upper right hand corner for “Downloads and Trials”. You will come to a “Office Templates” option and you need to click on it. A new web page will show you the office online template web page. Search for “business card templates” and click on it.

4. You will come to an option “General Business Cards” which you have to select. You need the template’s program version which you have to install in your computer.

5. You can click on “Download Now” and then Microsoft Word will open the template as a new document. Save it immediately so that you don’t lose the template.

6. Then you can fill in the details that you would want in the business card. You can either fill them up one by one or cut and paste the information. One sheet of paper will give you 10 prints of your business card.

7. After filling in the information, preview the page and see that everything is alright. Then you can print a sample page to see the result.

8. If the card is up to your expectation, then insert the paper you have specially bought for this purpose in the printer. Then print several pages so that you get a number of business cards at once. With 5 sheets of paper, you will get 50 business cards. Since the paper is pre-perforated, you can easily tear along the lines to get the cards.

Final Words

Well, now that you have all your business cards ready, you can easily hand them out when the occasion demands it. The method of getting the cards is very easy but it is much easier to order them online. There are various sites which will give you the cards without much problem. But at the same time, you can do it yourself and be happy with your effort.

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