How do you do that? First of all, by anticipating when these ebbs of interest will occur. Four months after a major trade show, between new product introductions, and after a competitor has introduced a new product that frankly trumps yours are all times when your interest will ebb.

If you know when to expect an ebb, you can prepare for it by designing your marketing campaign around it.

Several good strategies for managing public interest include:

1) Writing a good white paper or article centered around your product or service, and releasing it during your ebb period. Make sure you publicize this article through all the means available on the web, and make reprints of it for your press packets. Mail copies of it to major magazine editors and ask them if they would like to quote from it, or have you write a similar article.

2) Launching an aggressive rebate or coupon strategy – feature this on your website or in your store so it is highly visible to your clientele or customers. If you have a web based business, look up all the coupon sites and ask if they will add your coupon to their offerings.

3) Offer a “finders -fee” to existing customers for bringing in new ones.

4) Time the launches of your new ad campaigns so they fall in these loll periods. Make them exciting, bright, and catchy!

5) Consider starting a newsletter. There are many companies that will help you create an HTML email newsletter – and will often give you the first month free.

6) Launch an aggressive Google Ad campaign

7) If you have a large enough marketing budget, consider launching a BZZ campaign through . These campaigns are not inexpensive, but they are coordinated, organized “word-of-mouth” advertising programs that have a proven track record.

8) If you have a product that can be sampled, launch an aggressive sampling campaign. You would be surprised at just what can be sampled! If you offer a window washing service, offer to wash one window for free. Most of the time, you will get a contract for the other windows. If you offer a writing service, write one article or letter for free.

9) Selectively “leak” the news of your upcoming product or service to the press or around the grapevine. In technology companies, the grapevine never sleeps…………..

10) If you are not currently blogging, start. If you are already blogging, pick up the pace of your blogs.

Pick and choose which of these ideas will help your business, and create your buzz!

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