There are currently twenty – seven million businesses in the United States and ninety-nine percent of them employ fewer than five hundred people. It appears that there are plenty of businesses with whom to market your products. However, consumers have curtailed their spending. Therefore, businesses owners will need to examine how they are creating value for their customers. It may involve being more innovative in discovering ways to attract customers to your products.

A New Strategy

Consumers today are seeking bargains more than ever because of the lack of spending dollars. Therefore, they will not be spending the exorbitant amounts of money they were accustomed to spending in the past. Even though there is less money flowing in the economy, customers still need your products. You will need to go back to the basics of selling and hone up on your skills.

People buy because of the value they perceive in your products. Therefore, you must help your prospect to see value in buying your product. They must also feel confident about your ability to resolve their problem. Geoffrey James, author of” How to Sell Yourself …and More” recommends creating a “tag line (or “tag” as it’s called in marketing lingo) that answers the all-important question: ‘Why should I buy from you personally?’ ” This tagline is designed to set you apart from the competition.


Many companies will be going to the Internet in an attempt to market their products. This means the retailer will have to learn such things as how to design a website, how to write a blog, how to participate in the social networks and how to conduct e-mail marketing. The costs to market products on the Internet are much lower than conventional means and may help the retailer to reduce costs in view of the lower profits that are expected.

Choices to Buy

In addition to exploring ways to market products on the Internet, the retailer must seek a way to accept credit card payments on line. The more convenient it is for the customer to buy your product, the more referrals you will get to the website. Additionally, the customers are more aware of the need to engage in safe transactions on-line in view of recent security breaches.

Creating a Presence

To the retailer who is new to Web 2.0 tools, which consist of the social networking tools on the Internet, you are going to have to research the tools which will be most useful for your business. Many on-line marketers are making use of blogs and videos to promote themselves and their companies. Blogs offer a way to reveal more information about the company or its products without giving a sales pitch.

Many of the major retailers are now presenting their companies in the social networks which do not offer opportunities to sell the products, since the consumers are not interested in buying products, but rather in socializing. Therefore, the retailer has to be satisfied with merely making an appearance and attracting customers rather than selling their products.

Final Words

In conclusion, retailers must learn new ways of marketing their products in a way which will attract customers to their business and website rather than pursue them.

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