After commenting on 200 blogs or so over the past few weeks I have learned a lot about organization and the overall look of a blog. I have also learned that being easy on the eyes for someone that works on the computer is essential for getting people to read your Multi-level Marketing or MLM blog! It probably isn’t just for people that work on a computer all day. In our short attention span society, any distraction can lead people away from becoming a lead.

One the biggest distractions that I have found are AdSense and affiliate marketing ads. If you are promoting affiliates or other AdSense ads, be careful! You might be losing leads because of the promotions. I am not opposed to promoting affiliates or ads just make sure they are not interfering with your main goal, creating MLM leads.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be better for an MLM blog because we can direct people into programs that literally lead them back to us ready to join and get started. Put some thought into which products you recommend and be sure they lead back to you. Not everyone will come back but just be sure that it is at least a possibility. For instance, promoting an MLM lead-generating affiliate will bring people up to speed on how to create leads online and then you can be the point of reference and help along the way.

Showing people how to make money along the way is also a great idea because isn’t that what we do in our MLM businesses? We teach people a new way to earn income passively. Why not start out your relationship with your new MLM leads by teaching them upfront how to create more income? More income equals more time to pursue their businesses.

Do not go overboard. Too many ads are distracting and confusing. Contextual links offer a way to promote every affiliate you want to without being distracting if you feel like you must. Remember your blog should be easy on the eyes or otherwise you will lose MLM leads.

Facebook Social Plug-in

The Facebook social plug-in is something I added to my MLM blog over the past few weeks. From a marketing standpoint, I think it adds some credibility as long as you have fans on your MLM fan page. It is like saying, “All of these people like me and you should too!” You can also get more highly targeted fans for your Fan Page by just installing it and seeing what happens. 100 targeted fans are much better than 1,000 fans that have no real interest in your business.

Commenting on Blogs for MLM Leads

From a pure marketing standpoint I have mixed feelings about this idea. First, it takes a long time. Next, on a well-trafficked blog that you could comment on easily, there are already lots of comments so the links are mostly just lost in the shuffle. And I noticed that I might read a few of the other people’s comments but not very many. It does provide links but I think from a time perspective it is very slow going. And after lots of thought and going back and forth on the idea I have decided it is too time-consuming and my time could be better spent on other marketing activities.

What commenting doesn’t do is give me time, freedom and constant marketing potential for a few years straight. It is me actively working and eventually I don’t want work like this anymore. Once your marketing is set up you don’t need to work on it anymore! Take it or leave it, those are my thoughts. It does drive traffic to your blog and will create MLM leads. I guess I am just lazy and don’t want to do that much work!

Final Words

Every post or article you read about how to improve your MLM blog will help! Take an idea or two and put it to good use. It is amazing that at some point, one small change to your marketing or your blog will make your MLM leads skyrocket! Keep at it and soon you will have more leads than you know what to do with!

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