Recruiting the deserved employee for a company is one of the most crucial jobs for HR. HR has to use some strategies to recruit employees. In this article, we will discuss some of these strategies from resourceful CIOs (Chief Information Officers). These crazy recruitment strategies will help you to find and recruit the best employee for your company. You can visit this link for top cio recruiters. These 15 crazy recruitment strategies are as follows:

1. Offer your employees a no-pressure and no-stress zone:

An employee will feel more comfortable when he or she gets no pressure from their supervisor. Their work quality will eventually be increased when they get absolutely no pressure for more work and be offered to work in their own comfortable way. When recruiting an employee, if you offer them a no-pressure zone, then they will be more likely to give the best efforts on their jobs. This is one of the best crazy recruitment strategies according to CIOs.

2. Offer some signing bonus:

To recruit employees, you can offer them some signing bonus. This offer will attract more employees and they will be more likely to join your company to get the bonus. In this way, you can get potential workers for your company with some investment. This is an incredibly crazy recruitment strategy to recruit employees for your company.

3. You can do a bit of coding culture:

One of the CIOs ensured that the technical recruiters may get a chance to see around other than just a security code each day.

4. Offer a free ride to your employees:

You can offer your employees a car for their professional use as well as personal use. With this car, the employees can come to the office and ride back home. This is an excellent requirement strategy to attract and hire your employees.

5. Put forward a data plan and entertainment option:

Maybe it is the craziest idea but it will work. A CIO once said that he was able to get skilled employees for his company by paying their internet and phone bills. You can try this too. Additionally, you can offer some entertainment options, or the OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. You can offer to pay these bills too.

6. Offer them their private workplace:

Privacy is the most important thing to a person. What will be better than getting a private workplace in the office? This is one of the most important recruitment strategies to hire an employee.

7. Provide your employees flexible timing:

You can attract employees by offering them flexible timing. They can come to the office anytime they want. But make sure that you do not hire inconvenient employees who will take you for granted.

8. The goal should be high:

A CIO reported that he used a strategy to recruit employees by offering them a handsome salary. If you want to get good employees, you have to pay more. This is a crucial requirement strategy.

9. Attract employees with the hope of promotion:

Everyone wants success within a small period. When you provide your employees their promotions before the expected time, they will rush to your company. This is an extreme strategy to hire highly skilled employees.

10. Offer them some vacation:

You can offer your employees some vacation or tour on your expenses. Give them the option to choose the destination on their own. This is a good strategy to attract more employees according to the CIOs.

11. Provide them leave as much as they want:

You can hire highly skilled professional employees by providing an option to get leave as many days as they need. When you will offer them the day off, they will be more flexible to work, because there will be no pressure of work when they need leave.

12. You can give advertisements:

You can give advertisements about recruitment in your company. This way you can find some deserving employees who are seeking a job. People will be more likely to know that you need workers. This is a useful strategy to recruit employees.

13. Take care of your employees so that they do not have to worry:

Provide your employees everything they need, so that they do not have to worry about a single thing. This will help them to give more attention to work. Provide them living quarters, shifting amount, company car, and paid time off. When they will get that many facilities, they will not think twice about joining your company.

14. Provide your employees a monthly bonus:

You can start giving a monthly bonus to the employees who will give the best work in that month. This is one of the craziest strategies to hire a good employee and get their best work.

15. Provide leave on special purpose:

Being a parent is one of the best moments in everyone’s life. Provide your employees a maternity or paternity leave as long as they need it. This strategy will help you to hire employees.

So, these were the craziest yet crucial 15 strategies to recruit employees according to the CIOs. If you are struggling to get the employees for your company, you must try these crazy 15 strategies to make the highly skilled employees choosing your company. If you want more information, you can visit this link for top cio recruiters. I hope this information is adequate for you and you will find them helpful to recruit highly professional employees.


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